Embedded Analytics

Zing Data’s embedded analytics capability lets you embed charts, tables, and interactive querying capabilities within your app or website with just a few lines of code.

Embed Zing’s powerful data visualization and querying capabilities in your own application.

Note: Embedded analytics is available only on the Pro tier, and must be enabled for your account by the Zing team - it is not enabled by default.

Reach out to the Zing team to see a demo and learn more about pricing.


Zing charts, tables, and interactive querying functionality can be embedded in your app via Zing’s React SDK.

Providing users embedded analytics can:

  • Improve user retention
  • Help users understand their usage of your product and drive upgrades
  • Compare performance to peers (e.g. conversion rate compared to peers in a segment)
  • Create new revenue sources (such as offering advanced analytics and reporting functionality as an add-on)

Zing’s React SDK allows developers to get up and running with rich charting, querying, and visualization capabilities without having to maintain complex data architecture, or build visualizations from scratch.

Benefit from Zing’s robust data analysis and querying capabilities and get up and running in minutes:
* Easy visual querying
* Natural language based querying
* SQL typehead for power users
* Flexible graph formatting (including specifying colors, date formatting, sorting, and more)
* Export to PNG or CSV

When you’re setting up embedded analytics you can control the features you want to show up on the embeds.

For example, if you want to disallow exporting as a PNG, you can simply turn off that capability in the admin panel and no user will have that option from the embed.

Update frequency

Choose refresh frequency to optimize data freshness while minimizing database load.

Update frequency options include:

  • Full-live
  • Every minute
  • Every 5 minutes
  • Every 15 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Every hour

Authentication and data visibility

  • Inherit user access controls from your app if you’d like to customize end-user experiences based on user id, role, entitlement, or other attributes
  • Limit chart visibility to verified sessions for improved security
  • Apply chart-level controls

Getting Started

Zing’s embeds also support secure authentication using a Single Sign On provider, session-based authentication, and row level security. Speak to our team to learn more.

Setup and Preparation

Create required keys and tokens for embedding.


Install the SDK and create the signed URL required for embedding.

Row Level Security for Embedded Charts

Filter your chart based on who views it.