Zing Data Documentation and Overview

What is Zing?

Zing Data is a data analysis and collaboration platform, with native apps on iOS, Android, and the web.

Why do I want it?

Zing makes it possible to empower everybody in your organization to do data analysis from anywhere – no SQL, desktop, or expensive license required.

Free for teams up to ten people, and collaborative by design Zing automatically handles the hard stuff – like visualization settings, long running queries, authentication, and more to make using data easier than ever.

People today spend more than four hours a day on their phones, including for getting work done but data tools haven’t kept up…until now.

What is it good for?

  • Fast, intuitive, easy data analysis of any SQL dataset.
  • Visualizing data.
  • Sorting and filtering data to glean insights.
  • Sharing data results with your team.
  • Making a graph to drop into a Slack thread or presentation on the go.
  • Exporting a CSV file for deeper analysis.
  • Seeing the data questions your colleagues are asking.
  • Checking the lastest data about your customers or users.

What is it not good for?

  • Extremely complex data-science use cases such as building machine learning models from your phone
  • Data that would require a python package to process such as JSON arrays
  • Datasets of billions of rows.

Where should I go next?

Get started with Zing here - its free!