Setup and Preparation

Create required keys and tokens for embedding.
  1. Visit the Zing console and click on Organizations.
  2. The organization that has embeds enabled will have a “Pro” badge.
  3. Click on Settings for the organization and click on the Embeds tab.
  4. Generate an API key for your organization (E.g.: 7bf7aa96-dee0-4750-b97c-3bd13864de81).
    • This API key will be used to authorize the organization for embedded charts/tables.
    • Along with the API key, an embed secret will be generated for you which will be used to create an immutable signed URL for your embeds.
    • Make sure you don’t expose the API Key or the Embed Secret publicly as this will be used to authenticate your organization.
  5. Admins of the organization will have the ability to create multiple API keys per organization and activate/deactivate an API key anytime.
  6. Create your questions on the Zing Web App or Mobile App.
  7. To generate an embed ID for a question, click on the three dot menu for a saved question and click on Embed Options.
  8. All questions embed IDs were generated for, will appear under the Embeds tab on the organization page of the Zing console.
  9. Embed IDs can be enabled and disabled when required.