Connnecting to Google Cloud SQL

How to troubleshoot your connection to Google Cloud SQL

Zing Data can connect to any Google Cloud SQL database, but there are a few simple steps to enable access for the Zing Data platform.


  1. Go to your GCP console here

  2. Select SQL from the sidebar shown here

  3. Select Connections from the sidebar for the mySQL, postgres or SQL Server Cloud SQL instance you want to connect to Zing Data.

  4. Now hit the Networking tab to be able to manage the ip allow lists for your instance.

  5. Here you can add Zing Data’s IP as an allow list =

  6. After you’ve saved this configuration, you can now add your CloudSQL instance as a datasource in the Zing Console (instructions here)

  7. That’s it. You’ve now successfully configured a Google CloudSQL instance with Zing Data. Happy Querying!