User Roles

Assigning user roles within an organization and on questions

User roles in an organization

User roles can be specified at an organization level, or at a question level. By default, an organization role will apply to all questions for that user, but more permissive question-level access can be granted by the question creator.

There are three levels of user roles within an organization, ranked from low to high in terms of permissiveness:

A viewer can only:

  • View questions
  • Comment on questions
  • Create alerts on questions
  • Save questions as photos

An editor can also:

  • View tables
  • Create and copy questions
  • Edit and delete the questions they have created
  • Share questions
  • Save data tables as CSVs

An admin can also:

  • Invite people to, and remove people from the organization
  • Manage user roles
  • Create, edit, and delete data sources

As an admin, you can specify a role when you invite users to your organization.

User roles on a question

You can specify user roles when sharing questions with other users.

When a user’s role on a question differs from their role within the organization, the more permissive role will be in effect.