Migrating from other SQL clients

You can use SQL from other tools such as Metabase, Superset with Zing.

Zing alongside other tools

Zing works well alongside existing analytics tools. For instance, you may use Jupyter notebooks for your data science team’s analysis, alongside with Zing to enable more lightweight analysis to the broader organization.

While Zing is optimized for asking questions easily with simple tap-to-select actions, sometimes you’ll have more complex questions that require SQL, such as joins, text parsing, JSON parsing, and more.

You may already have those questions created in an existing querying tools such as:

  • Metabase
  • Apache Superset
  • Alation
  • SQLGate
  • Postico
  • PopSQL
  • Adminer Editor
  • Valentina
  • DBeaver
  • SQuirrel SQL
  • HeidiSQL
  • RazorSQL

You can bring them over to Zing by simply copying + pasting SQL into Zing to enable powerful collaboration with your team and access data from Zing’s mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Bring questions over to Zing

  1. Sign up and set up your database source in Zing (instructions here)

  2. From your other SQL tool, simply copy the SQL for a question you’d like to ask

  3. Open the Zing web app, iOS app, or Android app and click a table

  4. Tap the three dots in the upper left and then “Write Custom SQL”

  1. Paste in your custom SQL and then click ‘Run’

You can now:

  • Save this question to make it available to anybody you’d like to share it with
  • Chat and @mention people
  • Export CSV tables
  • Enable collaborators to clone your query
  • View these results across web, iOS, and Android