Getting Started

Getting Started with Zing Data

Start Using Zing in Four Steps

  1. Download the Zing Data app, available on iOS from the Apple App Store and Android from the Google Play Store

  2. Create an account, either the mobile app, or the Zing web console . If you plan to share your data set with work colleagues, you’ll want to register with the email address associated with your work email address because Zing only allows you to invite colleagues from the same domain name for security purposes.

  3. Add a data source, such as a Postgres, mySQL, Snowflake, or Google BigQuery. Google Sheets, CSVs, and Excel files are also supported. The easiest way to do this is from the Zing web console, but you can also do this by tapping the ‘sources’ tab in the mobile app.

  4. Ask a question! There are four ways to do this:

    • Visual editor: From a table, tap the three dots in the upper right and then ‘drag and drop editor.’ Drag field names to the ‘y-axis’, ‘x-axis’, dimension, or filter areas of the chart. A live preview will show you.

    • Natural language: From a data source, type a question in natural language (English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Chinese) and Zing will translate your natural language question into SQL and graph it. This capability is still in beta.

    • SQL: From a table, tap the three dots in the upper right and select ‘custom sql editor’ which will provide a SQL IDE with a typeahead for fields and aggregations.

    • List editor: Tap a table (or use the sample dataset Zing provides), then tap the fields you want to query. Long tap on a field to see filters and aggregations for that field (such as sum, count, where and more), then tap the ’next’ arrow in the the lower right. Zing will automatically select a graph based on the result of your query.